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Training and Consulting for the Housing First Model

The Pathways Housing First Institute led by Dr. Tsemberis is the premier source for training provided by the developers of the Housing First model.  The Institute faculty includes experts in program operations, evaluation, and dissemination.

As the creators of the evidence-based Housing First model, Pathways comprehensive Training Institute provides agencies and communities with the training and technical assistance necessary to implement or to transition to Housing First. Our training staff has years of direct clinical experience working with individuals experiencing homelessness. We help communities and agencies plan, implement, and sustain the Housing First model. Following an initial needs-assessment consultation, our expert faculty individualizes trainings and consulting to match agency/community needs.


Presentations to communities and key stakeholders on: Housing First program and Housing First Approach,  Inter-agency collaboration, System planning, Identifying eligible populations, Identifying sources of funding, Developing proposals and program budgets


Staff training, Training for community partners, Housing First operations (home visits, working with landlords, working as a team), Program principles, and Other evidence based interventions.


Program fidelity assessment, Program evaluation, Taking housing first programs to scale, Train the trainer.

Modes of Training and Consultation Services

Initial Consultation

Community presentations and Community or agency needs assessments


One time or a series of webinars on Housing First or other evidence based practices

On-Going Teleconferences

Regular check-ins to support the development and implementation of HF practices


Regional Training

Training on Housing First program and practice, other evidence based practices, and systems transformation

On-Site Training

Agency-specific direct service and supervisory training

Fidelity Visit

Follow up visit by clinical and research experts to observe program operations. Faculty provides a written report assessing the program’s success and delivery

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